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AERO RENT Airlines has 8 year experience to operate business flights all over the world and provides for all services required for VIP class passengers flying abroad as follows:

  • starts any flight after three hours since request;
  • helps with hotel accommodation and rooms reservation;
  • supports visa regulations;
  • provides for VIP services at the airport of departure, intermediate airports and at the airport of destination;
  • takes orders for rent of cars (with or without a driver) or arranges transfer from/to the airport;
  • provides for exact time of the aircraft arrival to the airport of destination or by certain incoming or outgoing flight abroad;
  • helps in passenger delivering from one aircraft to another upon arrival to the airport in case of transferring;
  • arranges for aircraft leasing (chartering) from the other Airlines;
  • provides with personal catering or ration for own clients;
  • arranges for yacht leasing;
  • makes consultation support for leasing or purchasing of western made aircraft;
  • guarantees comfort, kindness and courtesy to passengers.

AERO RENT Airlines provides itself for overfly and landing permission of foreign countries, gets beneficial airport slot and convenient parking stand.

AERO RENT Airlines
Тел: +7 (495) 130 84 21,
+7 (915) 138 50 56